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Monday, October 6, 2008

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "Dr Amayev September 11th, 2006

No matter what kind of surgeons you are anything could happen .Of course we must try to ovoid any possible complication to our patient and treat them with respect but sometimes complication may happen. In order to avoid any possible complication we should just stop what we are doing as been previously mention by Dr Kfchow. I don’t believe that there is a dentist or another type of medical professional or any other profession who never had a complication. We all humans and if we did something we have to try to resolve and help that patient in any possible way if we can. From what Lerry or Ben told us, I don’t know you are a doctors or not but if you are it seems like you both the best and never had any complications in your practice. If you didn’t I am very happy for both of you. Never say this may not happen to you ,look in a future you still practicing. Think about that. May be you don’t have enough experience that why you so positive about your self . I’ve been practicing for 15 years and my practice is limited to implants dentistry only and I still can get complications, but I know how to manage them if I don’t i always ask. There’s no human been in this wold who will know everything. Take your time both of you, and slow down. Good Luck....

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "Rhonda September 11th, 2006

Dear Dr.KFChow-Thank you for your perspective on repairing of damaged is greatly appreciated. For 3 months gums, chin and lips completely numb. Every night I would massage my face, do facial exercises smiles, frown, puff out my cheeks and teach myself to chew on that side without biting my lip. Bascially, physical therapy to get circulation, feeling and life back to my face. I will never give up and I refuse to take medications because it is uncomfortable. After 3 months, the prickling, tingling and itchy feelings started to occur, Now that I have read your information that these are goods signs as my regular dentist has also stated, It is much more tolerable!!! Ben & Larry thank you also -There is much truth in what you write the Dr. that did my implant has been in my family for many years - he has removed my childrens impacted teeth with success and no problems…He is really a good person, he had no intention of causing me this problem, it was successful for my right sided implant.. just not for my left side. I did choose him and choose this surgery and knew of complications,I am trying to deal with this the best way for me. I hope in someway this helps someone who maybe going through the same situation."

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "kfchow-mostdi-msia August 29th, 2006

I had a patient who experienced numbness of the lower right lip after placement of dental implants on the right molar area. Xrays showed one of the implants impinging on the inferior dental canal. That implant was removed 2 days later and the patient recovered full sensation after about 3 weeks. I think the patient suffered from neuropraxia i.e. compression of the nerve. I guess speed of recovery if at all will depend on the extent of the damage…. is it just compression injury or incision injury….partial incision or full incision. However, since the nerve is running within a well defined channel in the bone, chances of some recovery and even full recovery may be high even in cases of neurometsis. I hope Dr. Joglekar has a full recovery eventually.
Regards. Dr. kfchow Malaysia"

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Numbness After Implants | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "Dear Rhonda,
I am sorry to hear of your problem. However, nerve damage is one of the possible complications to placing dental implants on the lower jaw molar area. No matter how experienced the dentist or oral surgeon is, sometimes it happens. This is the same in every field of surgical intervention. Such incidences happily are rare when reasonable care is taken, but like I said, it happens even to the best of doctors. But to the patient it happens to, such knowledge brings only a little consolation. From your account, I would agree generally with what your regular dentist has told you. The damage has already been done at the time of surgery and the backing out of the implant was the right step. But nerves have a notoriously unpredictable pace of recovery. It depends on exactly how much damage was inflicted. The accurate assessment of such damage however is very difficult even with the most advanced imaging systems. Also, the healing of nerves is still not completely understood. Lots of research has been done on the healing of nerves and the factors involved together with stem cell research. Christopher Reeves(Superman)’s saga highlighted to the whole world how hard we are trying to understand nerve healing and conversely how little we actually know and how helpless we are when it comes to repairing damaged nerves. The overall lesson is to try your best not to damage them and when the damage is done, remove the causative factors as quickly as possible within reason. I agree with your regular dentist in that totally removing the implant at this stage will not improve the situation significantly. Also, the tingling and itchy sensation is a sign of healing. How complete the healing is, only time will tell. But it is encouraging to observe that it is improving with time. All the best and my best hopes for a complete recovery.

Dr.KFChow Malaysia

Flapless Implant Surgery | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Flapless Implant Surgery | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "Dr. KFC January 25th, 2007

The whole surgical world is moving towards minimal invasive procedures. I believe flapless surgery or transmucosal placement or just making an incision big enough to do the osteotomy is the natural and sensible progression in implant surgery provided no extensive bone grafting is required. Popular rhetoric that it is blind is untrue. It is partially-blind because we have the benefit of models, bone-mapping, Xrays and imaging techniques that give us a pretty good idea of the bone morphology especially when you can eyeball it in vivo albeit covered with a layer of mucosa. Added on to the tactile palpating remote sensing of our supersensitive finger tips, we actually can “see” quite well without flapping and compromising the integrity of surrounding tissues. Flapless unless choiceless is the way to go."

Mini Implant Systems | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Mini Implant Systems | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "true believer November 13th, 2006

Who brings progress to man? The playitsafers or the reachupfortheskyers? The very fact that we are practising the blessed art of dental implantology is because of people like Linkow and Branemark who in their time were vilified and branded as a bit of their heads. Linkow was labeled a “mad dentist”. But today we are thankful for them and their ability to accept critism with magnanimity."

Mini Dental Implants: Extensive Debate | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants: Extensive Debate | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "kfchow-mostdi-msia June 28th, 2006

Branemark generally copied the size and the shape of the tooth in designing his first implant which is logical and made sense at the time. Everyone copied him after that without too much thought about the validity of his assumptions because it works. The question today is how much osseointegration is required to support a tooth say, the premolar in the mouth. The answer to this question will determine how big an implant should be and therefore will determine whether we should continue to make root sized implant fixtures or reduce and minimise its size optimally. How much osseointegration in terms of surface area and quality of bone attachment is required to support a premolar satisfactorily in a functioning dentition needs to be examined closely anew. Lets assume the quality of osseointegration is uniform for most interfaces between the bone and titanium surface. Therefore looking at just the surface area required per se, it follows that if osseointegration aka ankylosis is say, twice as tough as the normal periodontal ligament, then my friends, it seems that the minimised diameter implant is going to triumph over the conventional sized implant as the main workhorse in dental implantology! To say it simply, if it is true as we all know that ankylosis is tougher than the periodontal ligament sq mm to sq mm, then the minimised diameter implant is sufficient to hold a normal tooth! Has anyone done a comparative study between a normal periodontally held tooth and an ankylosed titanium implant? Its beginning to make more and more sense to me that a small diameter implatnt is actually sufficient to hold a tooth and if true, its good news for everyone because implantology is going to be cheaper, easier and more versatile than it is now.

Search on for Way to Grow New Teeth | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants

Search on for Way to Grow New Teeth | OsseoNews Discussions on Dental Implants: "Kai Foo Chow FDSRCS October 6th, 2008

Meanwhile, lets be thankful for dental implants. Yes, the current holy grail in dental implantology is the tooth germ implant or MOTGI: Made to Order Tooth Germ Implant. However, Motgis will probably take at least another 10 years, maybe more. The hurdles involved are growing the toothgerm in the lab, twitching the genetic switches to develop the toothgerm into a canine, molar, premolar or incisor. Also, it has to be specific in left or right and in terms of size. Next, dentists have to be trained to place them and special surgical protocols have to be developed.

Not easy, but nevertheless we must be reachfortheskyers and not playitsafers. Imitating the original is one hack of a job!

Meanwhile, dental implants are already a vast leap forward to the moon. Motgis will be a quantum leap to Mars.