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Thursday, July 12, 2012


We placed in the upper anterior implants carefully and everything healed uneventfully. 
However, when the patient returned, he insisted that we remove them, the reason being that,
"He just could not accept them as part of his mouth and body!"
This was a realization that he had only after he had the implants placed.

After numerous attempts to persuade him otherwise, we finally accepted the fact that the patient for some reason beyond us, cannot accept the dental implants as part of his mouth and body. By then, the implants were fully osseointegrated and ready for harvesting and prosthodontics. 

So near, yet so far!!!!
Rest assured, we tried our level utmost to convince the patient how simple the prosthodontics were and how much he already paid and what a boon a set of fixed teeth as compared to his dentures were.

With all the preliminary exercises in persuasion and explainations done conscientiously, we got the patient to sign a carefully worded consent form indemnifying us from all the consequences of his thoroughly informed consent. With that in safely in the drawer, we proceeded to grant the patient his wishes.

We exposed the implants and tried to unscrew them first. 
One came out just by unscrewing them at about 50 ncm, my guesstimate.
One had to be trephined almost the whole length before it could be removed.
One was trephined to about 2-3mm depth and then it was elevated gently out.
We stitched it up and the wound healed uneventfully.
The patient wore back his old set of dentures, happily relieved..... I think.
We never saw the patient again because we wrote into the informed consent a clause stating that the patient will not seek any further treatment from us again.


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Sir King said...

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Suzy Frame said...

Thanks for sharing this information and pictures. Although they are a bit graphic it is great to see what you are actually talking about. I used to work in a dental office and would see this all the time. People really get scared to get dental implants, when really there is nothing to be scared of. In the end they have great results. Just the point of getting there can be long and painful.. but worth it! Thanks once again!

Anonymous said...

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All on 4 Dental Implants said...

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Dentalimplants Arizona said...

Nothing much to say about this issue. That person got a nice set of teeth implants done which would have lasted for a long time. But you could have done nothing as it was his choice to remove them. I can only say that if when someone opts for dental implants, they need to know about its advantages and disadvantages so that they can be happy and pleased with their new sets of teeth implants.

Thomas Wiliam said...

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Dr. Juan Carlos García Nuñez said...

thanks for sharing. true to be told, as you said, obssesive compulsive. am noy a psiquiatry doctor, but all the issue is the patient's mind.

is the second time I heard a case like this. hope never occur in my office, but thanks to great person like you, we can be prepared, expecting the best, but prepared for the worst!
thanks again!